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Buddha Updates

Here are a few things that I would like to see in future updates to the Buddha tester.

1) Fixture profiles with the ability to make scenes out of multiple profiles.

2) Offline software to make setting up scenes and chases easier

3) The ability to record from the network directly (currently coming in via network then out DMX and back in DMX to record scenes)

4) Read or write to the SD card via USB or Ethernet.

5) Ability to record and playback multiple universes from the network. Or the ability to change universes within the send / receive controls instead of going back to options.

Any feedback on the above items would greatly be appreciated.

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Fixture files would make this product so much better! and the ability to upload 3rd party or custom fixture files would be even better!

Please add the ability to broadcast to all 512 DMX addresses simultaneously and easily from the "Send DMX" tab.  Often times on site at a failed permanent installation trying to diagnose whether the issue is the Console or the Fixtures.  Broadcasting all 512 quickly shows whether the fixtures are responding at all or shows that all respond down the daisy-chain until a certain fixture.  I love that my Buddha is light and easy to carry, but I really miss this function from the Lil' DMXter.


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