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Pixellicious 1M LED Bars, extending image across multiple units.

I have 4 Pixellicious fixtures. I connect them in 2 pairs along the short sides and attach them to totems.

What do I set the "Universe" settings to so auto programs are distributed across all four fixtures?

I was told that to be used in this way the Image Mode should be set to "II".

Please advise.

Also, in the next version of the manual, it would be nice if you printed the ranges for the DMX values of the auto programs.

Thank you.

Additionally, my 25% filters are not beveled properly to slide in smoothly. They are not beveled thin enough toward the center of the shields. They begin to slide in, then the fixture begins to cut away at the filter until it is not possible to continue sliding it further.

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I found through trial and error that if you want it to continue end to end you put the first fixture settings at 1,1,1... The second fixture set at 1,1,2. If you want side by side I found that the first one at 1,1,0 and the second one at 1,1,4 makes them continue top n bottom together. Both of these worked horizontal. I haven't tried setting them up for vertical yet
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