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Follow Spot

 I currently own the Chauvet FS75 and it's OK but being any more than 40 ft from the subject it's worthless.

I would like to see a 200w to 300w follow spot so I can be about 120ft from the stage with a color wheel that contains colors that are actually useful for the stage (nobody wants to be bathed in swamp green, trust me).

The beam angle and focus should be on two sliders with star knobs, not one like in the Chauvet. It sticks and looks bad when you try to make small adjustments and the smooth knob is a joke if you just put lotion on (theaters are very dry places).

A gobo slot is a useful thing to have. As is a gel holder for the front (for that custom color that is not on the color wheel).

Thanks for letting me have my two cents.

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