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SnowBank Update - The StrobeV

The SnowBank StrobeV

Using the SnowBank Body, change the top row to 10w cool white LEDs and the bottom row to 3w (or higher) UV LEDs.

This gives you a crowd blinder/strobe that gives you UV when your not giving your audience a siezure.

It would only require a small change in the existing mapping and programming.

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We can convert those for you to do that.  We do this type of stuff for our own shows.

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What would the cost per a fixture be and how long would it take?


I'm curious on how to do such a thing - what all must be upgraded with internal components beyond the more powerful diodes.  Larger heatsinks/fans? Any changes to circuit boards if going to use similar RGG diodes?  Would love to improve light output of my Snowbanks to keep them as an all-in-one front-light solution even for bigger stages.

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